Specific Advantages


Compared to other firms, Young & Partners is superior in many respects:

  • The only firm that combines first rate investment banking, deep industry knowledge, and corporate strategy consulting expertise in one firm
  • Extensive and focused knowledge of chemical and life science industry M&A and financing dynamics
  • Internal R&D that generates propriety analyses related to industry strategic, M&A and financial, and valuation relationships that have a direct impact on strategic and financial decisions
  • Structured to avoid any internal or external conflicts of interest
  • All projects are directly managed by senior professionals with twenty or more years of experience, many of whom were the heads of chemicals or life science investment banking at leading firms
  • One of only a few independent investment banks that focuses on both the chemical and life science industries and on the industries in between (APIs, Life Science Tools, CDMOs, etc.)
  • Well recognized and highly regarded in the industry
  • Emphasizes long-term relationships with clients
  • Flexibility to assist clients in all types of transactions, regardless of size or type
  • Consistent and stable management and strategy as a firm for over 25 years

Specific Advantages

Proprietary Financial and Industry Analyses

  • Internal R&D analyses over many years that have identified unique trends that are more accurate and often different than other firms
  • Proprietary and leading analyses of financial critical mass, the impact of company events and structure on valuation, etc.
  • In-depth knowledge of the chemical and life science industries and companies at all levels within the Firm, including knowledge of corporate strategies, management styles, and market dynamics
  • Timely communication of pertinent market trends and specific events to clients which may impact their operations or financial status


  • Consistent contact and attention which does not change constantly with changes in investment banking leadership or strategies
  • No pressure from a parent investment banking organization to obtain a minimum amount of business per year from a client
  • Focus on long-term relationships, not short-term fee maximization
  • No internal conflicts of interest within the Firm

Idea Generation

  • Superior skills for identifying financing strategies and potential acquisition targets and divestiture candidates which may offer the greatest enhancement in shareholder value
  • Thorough understanding of the operations, strategies and management styles of many private and public companies
  • Willingness to identify small and medium sized transactions as well as types of transactions that are not considered attractive to pursue by most investment banks (joint ventures, business swaps, etc.)

Execution of Transactions and Financings

  • Senior level involvement during each step of the transaction
  • All project team members have industry expertise
  • Extensive contacts throughout many corporations and the ability to identify the appropriate contact points for initial discussions
  • The highest level of confidentiality on all communications and better structured to control sensitive information
  • Extensive international and cross-border experience by the firm’s senior project leaders
  • Knowledge of industry specific requirements of transactions and financings
  • Excellent technical investment banking expertise